This site has been created by the Parish Council to allow us to connect with the people living and working in our village. You can read more about what the council does here and you can contact the Parish Council about any local Framingham Earl issues.

A message from you Vice-Chair

On behalf of Framingham Earl Parish Council we would like to express our deepest sympathy on the recent news of the death of H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh. Our thoughts are with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family at this very sad time.

The Royal website will have an eBook of condolence set up, which can be found at https://www.royal.uk/   

South Norfolk District Council will not be encouraging residents to visit the Council’s offices to sign their book of condolence, but will instead be asking you to email condolence@s-norfolk.gov.uk. All messages received will be archived following the period of mourning.

Councillor Vacancy

The Parish Council currently has a vacancy.   Casual Vacancy in the Office of Parish Councillor

Becoming a Parish Councillor is a rewarding and valued form of public service. The Parish Council meets 5 times per financial year as standard practice. Further details with regards to the role of a Councillor and the Parish Council can be found on the "Becoming a Councillor" page of this website.  Alternatively please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Parish Council.  If you wish to express your interest please contact the Parish Clerk at framinghamearlpc@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively speak to an existing member of the Parish Council.  Help us to make a difference!

National lockdown: Stay at Home

Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the country. Find out what you can and cannot do.


Trusted sources of information to public



Parish Council meetings

As a result of the current social distancing guidelines till further notice Parish Council meetings will be held via a virtual platform, further details provided on the "Meeting Dates" page of this website.

Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance

Be Prepared for Flooding leaflet

Allotments Expression of Interest - Unauthorised leaflet 

It has been brought to the Parish Councils attention that some leaflets have been distributed within the Parish with regards to "Expression of interest for allotments", these leaflets have been distributed by an independent party and NOT by the Parish Council and without our consent.   In addition, an advert appeared in the September edition of the 5+ magazine with regards to "Expression of interest for allotments" this was a publisher error and not the Parish Councils, the advert originally appeared in the March edition and formed part of the agenda of the Annual Parish Council meeting in May.   At this meeting it was unanimously agreed by the Parish Council that due to low expression of interest, no suitable land immediately available and level of costs no further action was to be taken on the matter at the present time.  The Parish Councils decision in May still stands.  If anyone would like to express their interest and is happy for the Parish Council to retain their details please email the Parish Clerk @ framinghamearlpc@hotmail.co.uk and your details will be held on file, so that you can be contacted if the situation changes.



Please refer to our "Coronavirus" page on this website for additional information.

National Trading Standards Scam Team

Leaflet - Help to manage finances and avoid scams for people at risk and those who support them

Police Community Update

Latest Police Community Update

Policing Priorities

Operation Randall tackling rural crime newsletter

Coronavirus - NHS advice

There are some simple steps we can all take to help keep ourselves safe and prevent the spread of Coronavirus:

  • Reduce the risk of catching and/or spreading viral infections. Wash your hands! It sounds obvious, but there are so many occasions where we put our hands to our mouth giving viruses an easy way in. Regular handwashing can reduce that risk significantly, and it only takes 20 seconds to wash them properly by following  this NHS guide

  • Avoid touching your hands to your face as much as possible, especially to your eyes, mouth or nose.

  • Catch it, Bin it, Kill it … Germs can live on some surfaces for hours. To protect yourself and others, always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Bin the tissue, and to kill the germs, wash your hands with soap and water, or use a sanitiser gel.

For the latest information on the Coronavirus visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public.


If anyone has any concerns about their health they should call 111.

Parish Boundary

Framingham Earl Parish Council was formed at a General Parish Meeting held at the schoolroom on March 8th 1937.


Find out more about the Parish Council >>

By Post

Yvonne Wonnacott - Parish Clerk

Framingham Earl Parish Council

8 Fitzgerald Road, Framingham Earl, Norwich, NR14 7TJ

By Phone

01508 494635



Please note that the Parish Clerk works part-time and is contracted for an average of 5 hours per week, totally 260 hours per annum.  The preferred communication method is email, and the Parish Clerk will endeavour to respond within 5 working days.  The office hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.00pm, excluding Bank Holidays.  Please note correspondence sent to the Parish Clerk may be forwarded onto the full Parish Council and/or to individual members of the Parish Council.

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